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Popular Trends for Men’s Performance T-Shirts in 2018

January 10, 2018

Men’s performance T-shirts are the ideal way to boost team spirit. The traditional T-shirt design is a thing of the past. New trends embrace a new way of thinking when it comes to athletics and how fans support their team. While putting the name and number on the back of a sports T-shirt is still a popular idea, colors, logos and quotes are quickly becoming popular trends. Variety of Colors If you love your team but aren’t a fan of their colors, many teams are offering shirts in more popular colors that boast a color-neutral

4 Easy Steps to Get Bubbles Out Stickers

December 20, 2017

Many of us frequently use vinyl decals for home decor, car decorating, scrapbooking and so on. The adhesive side of the sticker is pressed against a flat surface and using a squeegee the bubbles are pressed out. Some bubbles get trapped under the decals and are an eyesore. Smooth out bubbles under these stickers using the following steps: Step -1 Prepare the Surface The vinyl decal should be applied to a clean surface. Preparing the surface involves wiping the surface with a soft cloth after spraying with glass cleaner. Place the vinyl

How to Remove Wall Decals Without Damaging the Paint

December 6, 2017

We all know that wall decals are easy to apply, but did you know that these wall decals are almost just as easy to remove? It’s just that you need to pay attention to the type of wall paint, as well as follow some simple rules listed below. Yes, you heard that right, by following the listed steps, you’ll be able to remove the wall decals without damaging the wall paint. Watch out for the type of the wall surface The type or condition of the wall surface is an important factor to consider when you are planning to remove the wall decals

How to Make a Lamp out of a Football Helmet

November 22, 2017

Football helmet lamps are an excellent gift for a teenage athlete or as a memento for a former football player. The lamps are easy to make and an ideal way to show team spirit. A football helmet lamp makes a great Christmas or Father’s Day gift! The following steps will allow you to make a fully functional football helmet lamp: Find a small football helmet – You can find football helmets at thrift stores or you can talk to a local school or athletic organization to see if they have any old equipment they want to get rid of. Gather

Size Matters: How to Properly Fit a Football Helmet

November 8, 2017

A football helmet is designed to act as a buffer between the head and other objects. If it isn’t fitted properly, it can actually do more harm than good. A helmet that fits properly should feel snug and secure without causing any pain or discomfort. Why Is Fit so Important? New helmets are available that have small airbags that can be inflated to the exact size to protect the athlete’s head from traumatic brain injury. The key is knowing how to achieve that perfect fit. Studies have found that the risk of concussion is reduced