Helmet Decals

How Decals Make a Helmet Even Safer

May 4, 2016

Decals on a helmet help designate what team a player belongs to. They also give the appearance of a fierce competitor when applied properly. However, there’s a little more to decals on a football helmet that meets the eye. The fact is that there are some decals that can actually help protect your head. We all know football can be dangerous, so minimizing the risk, whether it’s for you or your child is very important. Keep reading to learn more about decals that promote safety on the field: Helmet Design Before you can really understand

Do Award Decals Really Work?

December 22, 2015

You’ve probably seen them before: the buckeye leaf stickers on the side of Ohio State football players’ helmets. This is arguably the most famous example of award decals for football. Many football coaches have been using them for years at every level of football play, from pee wees to the largest universities. The idea of decorating a player for achievement is nothing new. Soldiers have been decorated with medals and ribbons since the beginning of history. Outstanding achievements by citizens of all walks of life have been recognized

Why Your Baseball Helmet Decals May Only Last One Year

December 7, 2015

Baseball season is starting, and you’re wondering why you have to replace those batter helmet decals you just purchased last year! What happened? Incredibly, batter’s helmet decals face some rigorous treatment that even football helmet decals don’t face. Baseball helmets are exposed to sand and grit from the infield, which can get between the decal and the helmet, slowly working its way under the decal until the adhesive becomes useless. Then, the decal edge is exposed which allows more sand and grit to come between the decal and

Quick and Easy Ways to Remove Old Helmet Decals

November 9, 2015

You need to remove those old decals from your football helmet. Perhaps you are sending it in to be reconditioned. Maybe you are changing the old school letter to a mascot design, or changing the color of your stripes. Whatever may be the reason, here are some quick and easy techniques using common items you may have around the house of gym. Depending on the quality of the decals, simply taking the edge of an old credit card or plastic knife from a fast food restaurant and peeling the decal away from the helmet can be efficient. The best

How to Apply Football Helmet Decals Without Fear

August 26, 2015

Perhaps you are the new football coach, or volunteered to be the equipment manager for the football team. One of the first tasks you will tackle is applying your team’s decal on your freshly minted (or recently reconditioned) football helmets. You might be forgiven for waiting until the last minute to apply the decals. You want them to look perfect for opening kickoff. This is when you realize you had better apply them correctly because all eyes in the stadium will be on those football helmets. And if the decals are crooked, or