What to Consider When Buying a Batting Helmet for Baseball Season

February 13, 2019

A batting helmet is designed to protect the batter from being injured by a pitch or a foul ball. While it will also protect the head when the batter is sliding into the bases or being tagged, its ultimate goal is to withstand the blunt force of being hit by the ball. In order for it to do its job effectively, there are a few things you must consider when purchasing batters helmets. Snug Fit Having the right size is essential. The helmet should fit snugly so that it does not slip or slide while the batter is moving. The right fit also

Football Helmet Reconditioning: Why It Is Important

May 23, 2018

A football helmet must be reconditioned periodically for maximum safety and preserving the lifespan of the gear. According to manufacturer Riddell, an annual inspection is necessary to keep the helmet in top shape. Here’s a deeper look at the reasoning behind reconditioning a football helmet and the process involved: Football Helmet Wear and Tear Over several games, helmets get scratched and banged up, which can damage decals. To maintain the helmet’s aesthetic value and safety, the helmet must be inspected and tested. By

How to Make a Lamp out of a Football Helmet

November 22, 2017

Football helmet lamps are an excellent gift for a teenage athlete or as a memento for a former football player. The lamps are easy to make and an ideal way to show team spirit. A football helmet lamp makes a great Christmas or Father’s Day gift! The following steps will allow you to make a fully functional football helmet lamp: Find a small football helmet – You can find football helmets at thrift stores or you can talk to a local school or athletic organization to see if they have any old equipment they want to get rid of. Gather

Size Matters: How to Properly Fit a Football Helmet

November 8, 2017

A football helmet is designed to act as a buffer between the head and other objects. If it isn’t fitted properly, it can actually do more harm than good. A helmet that fits properly should feel snug and secure without causing any pain or discomfort. Why Is Fit so Important? New helmets are available that have small airbags that can be inflated to the exact size to protect the athlete’s head from traumatic brain injury. The key is knowing how to achieve that perfect fit. Studies have found that the risk of concussion is reduced

How to Properly Attach a Chin Strap on Your Football Helmet

October 24, 2017

Football is a game that people of all ages love to play. When it comes to kids or even teenagers though, we need to make sure that every down they play is a safe one. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your kids and even you should know the proper way to attach a football chin strap. Keep reading to learn the appropriate steps to attach a football chin strap so you can teach your children. This knowledge will ensure they have a safe outing every time they put their helmet on. How to Put On a Chin Strap Attaching a helmet strap