Football Helmets and Safety

June 22, 2015

Helmets have been the primary symbol of football for many years. Young athletes eagerly await their fresh, new helmets as a signal that the new football season has arrived and they made the team. Helmets also empower the players to be more aggressive during play, as well as symbolizing their membership on the team. Helmets are raised in victory and tossed in defeat. But what is the football helmet’s primary function? In the beginning of football, there were no helmets. Rough and rugged players engaged in battle with very little padding

The Truth About Reconditioned Football Helmets

May 6, 2015

Is your football helmet too old to reuse? Many high school football programs will reuse their helmets year after year, even handing down older helmets to the younger squads before finally retiring them. Studies show football helmets can be recertified safe after 10 seasons of use and more! Older helmets can be reconditioned by helmet manufacturers to maintain their look and their safety. Old helmet decals and stripes are peeled away, face guards and hardware are removed, scratches and nicks are filled and the entire surface is repainted.