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Things to Consider While Purchasing Light Pole Banners

September 12, 2018

Your outdoor signage says a lot about the time and money you invest in your business. There are several different types of outside signage ranging from large billboards to light pole banners that can be placed right in front of your business. The size of your storefront and how many people you want to reach with your signage will determine which type you choose. Light Pole Banners Light pole banners are smaller than storefront signage and hang on light poles. They are held in place by a durable metal frame that attaches to the pole. One of

How to Keep Wall Decals in Place for a Longer Period of Time

August 22, 2018

Wall decals are designed to stay put for as long as you want them to but sometimes they may need a little help. Most have acrylic adhesives that allow them to stick firmly to almost any surface. Some surfaces, however, may cause the edges to lift or curl over time. Here are a few tips you can use to help your wall decals stay in place for longer periods of time: Wash the Area Well Before applying your decals, wash the entire area with warm water and a mild soap. This will remove any dust, residue or debris that has collected on its

Custom Floor Decals: The Best Innovative Way of Advertising

August 8, 2018

Custom floor decals are a great way to advertise and will keep your brand in full view no matter where your customer looks when they enter your shop or office. You have brand images on your doors, walls and outdoor signage, but what happens if your customer stares at the floor? Putting a custom floor decal on your floor puts your brand image on literally every large surface of your office. Here’s why custom floor decals are the best form of advertising: Durable Custom decals are extremely durable and, when applied correctly, can

Tips to Prevent Car Window Decals & Bumper Stickers from Tearing Off

July 24, 2018

When you place a window decal or bumper sticker on your vehicle, you expect it to remain in place until you choose to take it off. Since it will be exposed to the weather, decals and stickers tend to tear away or start to fray around the edges. The following tips will help you keep your car window and bumper stickers in place for much longer: Get Rid of Old Glue or Residue Before you apply a new sticker, you need to make sure all of the old glue and adhesive residue has been completely removed, and the area is free of any dust or debris.

How to Take Care of Custom Vehicle Magnets

July 11, 2018

Custom magnets are a great advertising tool. They make your logo visible in places where it normally wouldn’t be found. Magnets located on your vehicle can be seen in any area you drive through. They are also easy to spot when your vehicle is parked on your company’s lot. Visibility is the key purpose for choosing custom vehicle magnets. Since you want them to be visible, you need to keep them looking their best at all times. Here are some steps to take care of custom vehicle magnets: Remove Magnets on a Daily Basis The best