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Die Cut Decals: Why and How They Are Used

June 27, 2018

Die cut decals and stickers are a great way to decorate almost any surface. They can be used to promote your company or support a local sports team. The die cut system allows you to create as many decals as you want. Decals don’t have to be used for business, you can create your own design and have enough made for your family and friends. Here’s what you should know about die cut decals and why you should use them: Customized to Perfection Exact duplicates of brand logos make it easier to recognize the company. When a die is used

Window Decals: How to Use Them Effectively

June 13, 2018

Window decals are a great way to show team spirit, advertise, or simply decorate your vehicle. When placed appropriately, you can use decals almost anywhere, on your vehicle, store/door window fronts, and in your home. Proper placement will provide you maximum visibility without interfering with your safety. Placement Is Important Whether you are using decals for advertising or to just show support for the home team, you need to place them where they will get the most attention. Businesses will often place store logos in the front windows

Football Helmet Reconditioning: Why It Is Important

May 23, 2018

A football helmet must be reconditioned periodically for maximum safety and preserving the lifespan of the gear. According to manufacturer Riddell, an annual inspection is necessary to keep the helmet in top shape. Here’s a deeper look at the reasoning behind reconditioning a football helmet and the process involved: Football Helmet Wear and Tear Over several games, helmets get scratched and banged up, which can damage decals. To maintain the helmet’s aesthetic value and safety, the helmet must be inspected and tested. By

How to Take Care of Your Custom Designed T-Shirt

May 9, 2018

A custom designed t-shirt is something you want to maintain for as long as possible. Every time you wear it, you run the risk of staining it or messing it up in some way. The best way to preserve your one of a kind shirt is to be extra careful while wearing it and take the following precautions when washing it. Turn Them Inside Out to Wash Always turn your printed t-shirts inside out when you wash them. This protects the print or design from being damaged by coming in contact with the sides of the washer or dryer. If you treat a stain, you

2018 Major League Baseball Season: Join the Excitement and Fun

April 18, 2018

You might have already joined the fun and excitement of the 2018 Major League Baseball Season, which began on March 29, 2018, and is scheduled to end on September 30. Make it more exciting and breathtaking with our customized baseball sports apparel and spirit-boosting products. Baseball T-Shirts Get T-shirts as Low as $2.99! G5000 Gildan 100% Heavy Cotton OR G8000 50/50 DryBlend T-shirts of superior quality. You can choose from stock designs, which can be approved within 24 hours (varies for custom designs) and delivered to you within 5